B-Block is a cell block in Litchfield Maximum Security. Inmates in B-Block are neutral in the C-Block vs. D-Block gang war. B-Block is also known as "Florida" and inmates there include those who are elderly, mentally ill, transgender, or somehow need protection from the harsh environment in Max. Inmates in Florida wear pink, and are entitled to special privileges like TV, pudding cups, fresh fruit, etc. B-Block is generally peaceful and drama-free due to the nature of its inhabitants.

Known ResidentsEdit

The following inmates are in or have been assigned to B-Block.

  • Frieda Berlin, due to her age and her deal with the prosecutors for her assignment to B-Block in exchange for snitching on Red and Taystee.
  • Sophia Burset (formerly; released), due to her being transgender. 
  • Tiffany Doggett, due to her striking a deal with Linda Ferguson in which Doggett would be sent to B-Block in exchange for not telling anyone about Linda's relationship with Boo.