Allie is Tricia Miller's former friend from when she was living on the streets prior to Tricia's incarceration. She is played by Rachel Brosnahan.

Personality Edit

Allie is shown to be caring and generous toward Tricia, offering her to stay at her place if she wanted.

Physical Appearance Edit

Allie has long brown hair. She is tall and slim.

Biography Edit

Before Tricia's incarceration Edit

Allie appears in Tricia's flashback. Allie and Tricia were both homeless and trying to get by. Tricia gave her some pointers when Allie was trying to beg for money, and the pair share some food that Tricia had managed to steal. Later, Allie found a job at a kitchen and turned her life around, getting an apartment with her boyfriend, whilst Tricia sank deeper into a chaotic lifestyle of drugs and prostitution. Despite going their separate ways, they were happy to see each other again after crossing paths on the street. Allie offered Tricia a place to stay, but after finding out Allie had a boyfriend, Tricia declined the offer. Is is hinted that she may have had feelings for Allie. ("Bora Bora Bora")

Relationships Edit

Romantic Edit

  • Unnamed boyfriend - Allie mentions she has a boyfriend which she shares an apartment with.

Friends Edit

  • Tricia Miller (best friend) - Tricia and Allie lived on the streets until Allie got out and got a job.

Appearances Edit

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