Adeola Chinede is an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary Maximum Security. She was introduced in season 6 and is portrayed by Sipiwe Moyo.


Adeola is a very intelligent woman, though also has her quirks. She is often comedic, and very popular around her block.


Before Litchfeild Edit

Adeola was an evolutionary anthropologist in Lagos, Nigeria "mainly interested in human behaviour in a cultural context and the shifting dynamics of tribalism, and in particular, how the disputes between social psychology and behavioural ecology negotiated themselves on a micro scale."

In one scene during season 6 she mentioned "walking tall with a machete," potientially a reference to the reason she is incarcerated. 

Season SixEdit

While in AdSeg, Gloria Mendoza attempts to get Blanca Flores into the chapel so she may discuss the situation with Maria Ruiz by claiming a religious festival is occurring. Blanca explains she needs to go to the chapel and pray. Adeola joins in, and requests to go too. While in the chapel, Adeola pretends to pray while Gloria tells Blanca of her plan. ("Shitstorm Coming")

Lorna and Adeola are seen admiring her faecal matter, attempting to determine the sex of her baby. Adeola claims it will be a girl due to the shape and due to the fact that Lorna has gotten uglier. Nicky tells Adeola that she believes some rats have returned. Adeola corrects Nicky, and explains they all died from poison, and leaves. ("Well This Took a Dark Turn")



Memorable Quotes Edit

"To each their own, Charlize Theron. I like to replace phrases with celebrity names that rhyme with them."
— Adeola to Piper Chapman.
"I see you looking at me, eyelooker."
— Adeola to Madison Murphy
"It is always the black one who dies first."
— Adeola after being struck out of the kickball game.



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