Adarsh Khanna is a nurse in Medical at Litchfield Penitentiary. He was the only remaining nurse left during season 5 after all the other staff fled due to the riot. He is portrayed by Gerrard Lobo.


Adarsh seems to be a thoughtful and compassionate man. He stayed behind during the riot to help sick and injured inmates despite having a chance to run for his own safety. He was also concerned for Sophia's safety.

Physical Appearance Edit

A fairly tall Indian man with short black hair and dark eyes. When at work, he wears nurses scrubs.


Season FiveEdit

Sophia and Gloria bring Humphrey to Medical after Sophia is unable to help him herself. When they arrive they find that all of the staff, besides one lone nurse, has fled after hearing about the riot. The nurse agrees to help Humps and allows Sophia to assist. Later, when Sophia decides to leave in hopes of finding or hearing about Sister Ingalls, he warns her not to go, afraid for her safety as a "large black person coming out of the dark."

Later, Leanne and Angie come to Medical, after having found Humps' fingertip, which they believe to be Leanne's. Adarsh tells them he can't reattach it because it's been off too long, and they decide to find someone else's finger to replace it. They force him to accompany them so that he can perform the surgery despite his objections to the idea.


Adarsh checking Humps' pulse after he is brought in by Gloria and Sophia

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

  • Sophia Burset - Because she was a firefighter before being arrested she is trained in emergency medicine and stayed and helped with patients after bringing Humps to Medical until she left the main prison campus.

Quotes Edit

"It's up to God, isn't it?" - Sophia

"Uh, no, it's up to you." - Adarsh

Trivia Edit

  • He took the job as a prison nurse to save up and buy himself a paraglider and a one-way ticket to Denali.