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• 9/9/2018


This a thing that I didn't consider when I made my post about theories, and maybe you didn't thought either but it's something that can or can not be a reality. So I want that we can be prepared, because this maybe change the hole game about Vauseman relashionship. Here I go people:


Why do you say that? good, easy

First of all, we all love Carol's character, both the young and old versions, besides the actresses are the best, so I like to think that Jenji does not want to take them out like that.

And second, because we saw that Barb had already died with the cut in the neck (and I'm not a doctor, but I think no one can survive), but Carol still crawled and only had the weapon sticked on her back. So there's a probabillity that she could be alive and only passed out because she losed a lot of blood

(And I know that alvarez said "double points for murder" but they are not doctor, and it's OITNB everything can happen)

Now I will expose my concern about Vauseman:

If Carol is alive, then there is not going to be a discussion about how is going to be the new leader, and Badison won't be so asshole. But if that happen, that means that the deal with the devil it's standing, so our Alex is stuck in this fucking deal and this lady don't play around about anythig, and I can't think of a posible escape for our Vause. Carol will always want her to be on her side 'cause we know that Alex is really smart.

This will affect the Vauseman relationship, the same way that will affected if Carol result dead and Badison take the lidearship, because this two women will obligate Alex to do things that she don't want to do, the only diference is that Carol is more reasonable that Badison, but they are just as dangerous as the devil, so I do not trust any of them. I mean with this two ladies as leaders Alex can be on prison for ever, and THAT CAN NOT HAPPEN

I just trust that if this scenario happen, Alex will get a way to escape the best way possible. Please give me your best arguments so I can see a little more of light in this history, and can chill out
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• 9/30/2018
Shit . You are so smart 👏
• 10/1/2018
only a thing.. we also love Tricia and some also love Caludette and she don't come back.. well.. maybe it's just my opinion but.. the serie is some serious theme.. ¿why alive a character who we love and hate in some way? ..
• 10/2/2018
Holy sh*t I never thought of this??? And now I’m terrified??????? Especially with Piper out of jail - with her out and Alex left to fend for herself I could see Alex falling into the wrong crowd for sure. However, we can also hope that Vauseman will survive since they are engaged and planning their wedding and everything. Maybe that’ll be a motivator for Alex to stay out of trouble? I’m PRAYING
• 10/8/2018

Dics Kiwiko idk, I mean it's Orange, is Jenji, everything can happen, but why leave Carol alive? maybe because the fans loved the character and her story, besides this will implicate more drama and more troubles to the storyline and obviously to vauseman, and we know that Orange is not Orange without some good drama, and Jenji is not Jenji without bother us a little bit with the troubles in vauseman's paradise

• 10/8/2018

Madisonviolet It can be maybe a motivator, but remember that Carol is really smart and if she start to see Alex in this all good and clean mood she is going to suspicious and things are going to be pretty difficult, but I am sure that Alex will find a way to act and trying to get out at the same time

• 10/9/2018
One thing I think is going to happen is that bigger powerful players will come into play that cause Alex issues. If you remember from the episode that they started filling the inmates ratings in the computer they said that they were making room for inmates who had longer sentances. Longer sentances equal more dangerous inmates.
Alex will get in trouble with one of them. Piper will not know how to adjust to outside life and get herself thrown back into prison on a violation.
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