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• 8/1/2018

Season 7

Ok this season gave us a very close ending with limited scenarios, so I will expose the ones that I think are going to happen

1) What will happen to Piper? easy, she is going to write her memoirs as she said in max. We will see (maybe) how she deals with reality (as Aleida did) and (more importantly) how she deals with her parents after telling them that she is married to Alex. Another possible scenario is that we see her suffering for Alex, because she is her rock and the one that keeps Piper focused, we are going to see the visits to the prision and deal with the problems that Alex maybe will have (I explain this better in the next point)

2) What will happen to Alex? this is a bit more complicated, after the death of Carol we will see with certainty the war to know who will be the new leader, obviously Alex will not be interested at all for the promise she made to Piper, then Balison will take control and will want that Alex will handle the business part, Alex will say no, and Balison will threaten her with the fact that she can extend her sentence and never see Piper again, finally Alex will say yes and this is when the problems will begin. Then, when Piper goes to visit her fiancé (she knows very well when Alex is lying, but Alex also knows how to lie to Piper and keep her relaxed), maybe the problems between these two begin as well. One thing I know for sure is that Alex is very intelligent and she will not be the bitch of Balison

3) What will happen to Lorna and her baby? I'm really worried about this, first because Lorna was going through a lot of stressful situations, and second because she's only seven months and delivery is quite dangerous at this stage, and all this started when Nicky sacrificed for her, and now Nicky is in the kickball field and not with her and I'm very worried about what will happen. I like to think that writers will not kill this baby because that will destroy Lorna

4) What will happen with Blanca? I'm angry as fuck with this, Linda is a first class bitch, you can't do that to people, tell them that they are going out and them get on a van and send them to a new prision or deported them, this was heartbreaking and I hope that the creators don't take out Blanca off the series, because this could be a great way to connect with the latin audience

5) What will happen with Taystee? I'm so lost with this, I don't know what can happen, the only theory that i have is that maybe she is going to give up, not committing suicide or something like that, but she won't care about what happen in prision or what may happen to her either. I'm worry about her, because it seem that she is not going to speak to cindy anymore and she hasn't more close friends there (only suzanne but she is on a different block)

6) Gloria and Flaca secret, I hope that now that Gloria is on isolation, Flaca can tell everybody the stupid game that the guards play with them

7) What will happen with Caputo? he is angry with the trial, and like Natalie said in season 5 his heart bleeds what a vagina should, and I'm sure that he is not going to stop until he make justice for Poussey, Taystee, Sophia and the rest of inmates. And I like to think that in some point Natalie will joing him too. Besides I'm a fan now of his relashionship with Fig

In general terms, we will see in 7 the war for power in both blocks, Alex trying to survive with the new leader, Piper facing reality, this may be the crudest season if the writers want, because I see a lot of potential drama that can happen . Another idea I have is that maybe this is the last season, so they have to do it great, and I think it would be the best because Piper is out and I know that the program has incredible potential to move forward, but it will not be the same without the main characters that we love the most. If this is the last season, I just hope Alex comes out, I don't know how because she has 4 years left, but Jenji can not finish the series with Alex in prison. If the series is renewed for another season, Jenji has time to get Alex out, but she needs a good story so we can't lose interest (with Alex as the main character obviously) but this scenario I think is the most unlikely, because she has not shown enough interest to renew for an octave, she simply raised the possibility, but never said it could happen. Anyway Jenji is a fantastic writer, whatever the scenario she poses, she will do it in the most epic way possible, so I'm not SO worried

Please let me know how you think about this theories so we can discuss it together, and we can also kill time until they reveal something about the seventh
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• 8/6/2018
Great post!!! However, in the case of Sophia, that ship has sailed, as Sophia took the money and ran. Though Caputo did what he could to make amends, he was too late as the time to talk was before the SHU and all the horrible abuse Sophia took at the hands of MCC. Besides, the money gives her a chance to do right by her wife and son...if they will have her. Otherwise, Sophia deserves to go on and make a new start somewhere...with or without them.
• 8/11/2018
I think they'll dive into the Detention centers and the Blanca storyline. This show has a way of making a larger audience more aware of what prisoners deal with and a detention center would be an obvious expansion of this, especially with what's been going on in the world lately. I hope we get some beautiful insanely sad new stories and some amazing new characters. Not sure how they'll center it around just Blanca and introduce a bunch of new characters, but I can't imagine they'll steer away from that storyline, seems a perfect place for them to go.
• 10/1/2018
When is season 7 coming?
And I wanna know about Maritza Like is she OK where is she tho
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