(Read this ONLY if you already saw the season 6) This are my thoughts about the season

I really liked this season, it was what I expected. Well...sort of

1) the villain (or villains?): Ok, these were probably not the best of all. I dont know, I never feel that carol and barbs were the bad guys, I mean they made some terrible things, but I never felt intimidated by them. And the reason is because they wasn't presented like main vilians, the show was based more on Malison (that is not a villain either) a girl that like to spend pranks, that's all. And that was the problem, the villains doesn't felt really mean. But not all was bad, there was moments when I want it to kill Malison (just because she is a pain in the ass, especially with Piper), so wasn't a total failling, but she did not fill my expectations

2) the characters: Something similar happened with the characters.
- First, they separated in two differents prison (i saw that coming, so i'm not surprised) actually that was a very smart way to cut characters and i appreciate it, because we got enough with the actual main group plus the new ones of max.
- Second (the new group), I really like this new inmates, some of them remainds me to the old ones so i dont feel that sad about the cut.
- Third (the main group), I dont know if I really like how they worked with this group, beacuse (and I get it) they need to introduce new histories and characters to the series, but that cuted valued time to those that really matter, and when we finally got some scenes of our favorite inmates, they make them very small and we were left with that little emptiness because it wasn't satisfactory.

But like I said in point number 1, not all it's bad. I loved the relationship of piper and alex this season, you can see that they and their relationship evolved and that's excellent; We saw Pennsatucky evolve this time and i loved it too, she left donuts and she dealt with her problems, that was just remarkable, i ended up lovin a character that i wasn't cared about before; I dont wanna to be rude with this one, but the people on Florida are pretty boring, putting inmates there was a complete mistake, and the worst part was that we see a lot of scenes there and personally i felt it like a waste of time. In conclusion, maybe if the writers had been more focused on the riot problems and our inmates it might have been better

3) the story line: I like it very much, was balanced between the interrogations and the adaptation process mixed with the usual drama obviously. But like I said before, if the writers had focused on our main characters it would have been better

4) the vauseman scenes: What the hell happened to these? I mean, yes, we got some of the sweetest vauseman scenes but i personally was expecting a pinch of love in a cleaning room at least. C'mon Daya and Daddy did it twice (I think) in their own cells and no guard came to see they, but Piper and Alex made a innocent lump and they got shots. That was pretty unfair

5) the conflicts: Was the best part, mostly the problems because the interrogations, the way the girls sank each other was great but also painful to watch. This was handled in the most realistic and intelligent way possible. My favorites were: Maria vs. Gloria, Taystee vs. Cindy (well, this was more like Cindy's conscience vs. Cindy, but I still love it)

6) the alliances: they were all lost with this, and it's pretty reasonable because they are in a new prison with new inmates, besides i loved the fact that they wanna to fit into the color/block alliance but they just couldn't do it

7) the ending: Ok, this was really shoking, I dare say it was not the best cliffhanger just because the possibilities are now less than what I had on the fifth. I mean that the cliffhanger of the fifth presented more scenarios, but for this I only think about a few so it's most probably that i guess one of them (i will post a new discution for this). Back to the topic, I cried with all the episode, since Piper was sitting on the toilet, with the wedding, with the Taystee part, with the good bye of Vauseman, with the "new ideas" for the inmigrants of the fucking Linda (she's a bitch by the way), the way the police took Blanca away was so heartbreaking, I even cried when the girls was having fun with kickball at the ending. Anyway I will save my thougths for the new post. All I got to say is that this was the most heartbreacking final that I ever saw

IN CONCLUSION, I REALLY LOVED IT THIS SEASON, IN A WAY IT FILL MY EXPECTATIONS (because vauseman, and the interrogations, and the new prison, the drama, the problems) BUT IN OTHER WAY I FELT A LITTLE EMPTY (Just for the time that our favorite characters passed on the screen, but it's, as I said, understandable because they need to introduce new people, and I know it will be better next season, so I'm not angry or worried) BUT AT THE END, WAS THE MOST EMOTIONAL AND HEARTBREAKING SEASON, AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IT MAKES ME WANT TO SEE MORE

You're welcome to share your thoughts too, anyway we need to kill the time and wait a year so please let me know about your opinion about this season and maybe we can compare points of view