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• 7/31/2018

Ranking Whole Cast of Characters From Most Favorite To Least Favorite!

Ok for my list i'll just rank the Litchfield inmates, not the staff nor civilians. But if you want to add other characters to your list then it's totally fine. Also if you'd also like to add some notes next to each characters that will be a nice touch,i won't on mine but if you would like to ask why i placed certain characters in that order feel free to ask.

1- Alex Vause
2- Lorna Morello
3- Gloria Mendoza
4- Poussey Washington
5- Marisol Gonzales
6- Maritza Ramos
7- Nicky Nichols
8- Frieda Berlin
9- Tasha Jefferson (Taystee)
10- Daya Diaz
11- Carrie Black (Big Boo)
12- Suzanne Warren (Crazy Eyes)
13- Galina Reznikov (Red)
14- Sophia Burset
15- Blanca Flores
16- Aleida Diaz
17- Cindy Hayes
18- Lolly Whitehill
19- Erica Jones (Yoga)
20- Anita De Marco
21- Angie Rice
22- Maria Ruiz
23- Tiffany Doggett (Pensakuty)
24- Norma Romano
25- Jane Ingalls
26- Piper Chapman
27- Rosa Cisneros (Miss Rosa)
28- Claudette Pelage
29- Leanne Taylor
30- Judy King
31- Carmen Aziza (Quija)
32- Irene Cabrera (Zirconia)
33- Alison Abdullah
34- Ramona Contreras (Pidge)
35- Gina Murphy
36- Brook SoSo
37- Janae Watson
38- Brandy Epps
39- Helen Van Maele
40- Yvonne Parker (Vee)
41- Stella Carlin
42- Tricia Miller
43- The rest of miscellaneous inmate characters or possibly i don't care enough to mention.
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• 8/9/2018
Tricia Miller was a kind soul that died tragically, how is she last?
• 8/31/2018
My bad lol... Pennsatucky
• 8/31/2018
Honestly, i didn't think Vause was my favorite until re-watching the series again. For some reason i didn't like Tricia when she was introduced, plus she was just there for some episodes as a minor and her character didn't grow on me to even care much. She didn't deserve the death she got at all though.
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