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• 6/18/2018


I wonder if Alex and piper are going to get married in season 6 ?
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• 6/19/2018
I’ve asked this before and the general consensus is most people think no...given that they are in max.

But As a huge Vauseman fan...this is the storyline I am rooting for and the one I am looking forward to the most. Here a list of reasons why I think it could happen

A.) the obvious reason—-they do love each other and I bet when they are reunited...Piper is going to want to do anything she can to prevent them from being separated again. We all know how impulsive she can be.

B.) Piper is going to be released soon (my guess is the end of season 6). The new prison they are at will probably have way stricter rules than Litchfield. They may not allow convicted felons to visit inmates. Maybe if they are married...visitations will be allowed.

C.) if they are married...the courts can not make them testify against each other. We do know a good portion of the season is going to take place on the court room. Not being to testify against each other Could come in handy for both the repercussions of the riot as well as if Kubra is ever caught again.

D.) They've done a prison wedding before with Vince and Lorna but not an inmate/inmate wedding before. so that could be interesting. I remember reading an article about a wedding Lil Wayne officiated while he was at Riker’s island. They decorated with toilet paper and drank Gatorade. It would be so cute. However Riker’s is more of a jail than a prison. And who knows if a federal prison would allow such a thing (I’ll remain cautiously optimistic)

I know i'm reaching a bit...but there's also

E.)Taylor has said in an interview that Piper is really in this relationship. To me that means that Vauseman Is going to be in a strong place.

F.) I saw a recent Clip on Twitter where Laura was talking about orange. She talked about how happy she was to be a part of a show where they focus on so many different social issues and the first one she mentions was same sex marriage. They’ve never had a same marriage on the show (unless you count the actual engagement) I find it interesting that she said that and not same sex relationship....Is that a clue? I don't know...but I'd like to think so.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

However If they do not get married in season 6- then I will settle for:

A.) a scene where Piper introduces Alex to her family. Alex meeting Carol will be comedic gold. It’s also a good opportunity for a flashback of Piper meeting Alex’s mom (but I doubt that will happen)
B.) A heartfelt ‘i love you’ scene.

Whatever happens...I just hope the writers do not break them up (again)
• 7/8/2018
I will propose two sceneries:

1) in this season (if they do) would be at the ending, or episode 12. Why? because remember that every season end with a cliffhanger very excited, so the wedding won't be a good cliffhanger
2) if they don't do it (in this season) it will be because they want to focus in the problem, the inmates trials and the new world that the inmates are going to experimented. Another issue that must be taken into account is the fact that if they got married (like Lostrealist17 said) that would be a solution to the testification, so piper will want to do everything possible to save alex from all the dead guard issue, so maybe she could try to manipulate a guard to make the ceremony possible but just that, all this if they don't get married (but it would be a step forward to the ceremony, and we will see the wedding in season 7)
• 7/14/2018
Yes sure 😍
• 7/30/2018
They do get married
• 8/1/2018
Is the best moment.

Piper and Alex Marrie.
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