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• 6/17/2018

What’s gonna happen in s6

Are the inmates gonna get split
Is Linda gonna go to max with the rest of them
What about Sophia are we gonna see her again if they don’t go to litchfield max
Is Caputo and Figueroa gonna get better conditions at litchfield
Are there gonna be a lot of new inmates
Are some of the characters gonna get killed off
Will the older inmates like Norma,Frieda,Anita,Red,Elsie, not go to max cause there older
Will we see Lolly Taslitz and Ms Claudette again
What about Lorna’s baby if it’s true
In max will there be a unit with men in it will we see some of the male characters we’ve seen in the past
Will we see Daya again and will Aleida help her
I don’t think we will see Chang again but will Donuts turn in Dogget
Will Alex and piper get married or split
Will litchfield ever open up again
Will it be longer then 3 days
Who will be in prison with who
Will Vee be alive and they sent her to max
Is Flaritza gonna split
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• 6/20/2018
So I'm I will take a crack at your questions. So bear with this will be pretty long.

-Yes I believe the inmates will be split up...what I'm not sure about yet is if they will be in different prisons or if it will be the same prison just different cell blocks. We know they are going to Max...but we don't know if this is Litchfield max or some other maximum security prison for inmates on remand (like the Chicago prison)

-I find it kind of hard to believe Caputo would leave Linda in the prison...or at least not tell someone to find her...but if she really is lost in the system I'm sure it will be sorted out I think she'll be in Max for at least a few episodes-until they get all the Litchfield inmates processed. With the files burned...who knows what info is completely gone.

-Laverne confirmed she filmed for season she'll be in it. Personally...I don't really care...I haven't liked her character since season 3.

-As director of human activity, Caputo never got people to listen to him (despite his best efforts)--so I doubt anything will really change now. Since Litchfield is closed...I'm thinking he's going to be out of a job. Also, I doubt Fig would even care much...after all this doesn't affect her at all...but as a former assistant warden and a woman maybe she would be of some assistance.

-My guess is yes- I'm assuming the max prison would be much bigger than Litchfield. So i'm assuming it would be able to house many more inmates than Litchfield would be able to.

-Not sure about this but I don't think they would kill anyone---at least not anyone from the bunker. And of the inmates being put on busses no one died there as well.

-Litchfield is no I'm assuming everyone is going to Max (or other prisons) regardless of age.

-Not sure about Ms. Claudette or Taslitz but Lolly will be back. Lori Petty filmed a couple scenes. So that's exciting!

-I have no idea what will happen to Lorna--but since her actress was pregnant in real life...I'm sure her character's pregnancy is real. Remember she had sex with Vince after their wedding...there really hasn't been much time between season 3-5. Maybe a month so It's plausible. She's finally getting everything she's ever wanted. A husband and a baby.

-I don't think we will see any men in their part of the prison (unless it's like the Chicago prison)

-Unfortunately...yes Daya will be back. I've read that Aleida gets involved with a guard. Maybe he will keep an eye out for Daya and let Aleida know how she's doing. Daya is pretty much fucked. She shot a guard and he died. Even of its determined that he did not die from the gun shot she's still probably going to get manslaughter charges. I mean Ms Claudette went to Max just from choking a CO...I can't see how Daya is going to get out of this one. Daya is going to be in Max for a while.

-I really hope we see Chang at least once before the end of season 6.

I HATE Pensatucky and Coates 'relationship' so I hope he betrays her and turns her in to save himself from being charged with aiding and abetting a criminal (or whatever the actual crime is) She'll be screwed if that happens because she will be charged with felony escape where they will triple her sentence. With Litchfield closed...Coates will be out of job so hopefully he'll disappear.

Who knows...maybe none of that will happen and she'll feel disrespected and she'll shoot him (we know she's capable of it) either way...I want their sick relationship done and over with. I don't find anything cute/interesting about a love story between a murderess and a rapist.

-I want Alex and Piper to get married this season so bad (unfortunately Alot of people have dashed my hopes) it does seem like a plausible theory though. I don't think they will break up-but they do face the problem of separation. After all...Piper's sentence is nearly up and I suspect she'll be released at the end of season6. Who knows how much time is left on Alex's sentence.

-After the riot--I'm sure none of the inmates will be able to stay in a minimum security facility. They will Have their security bumped up to Max. (Maybe if some are lucky-they will go to a medium) but for now..I think all of the inmates regardless of if they were involved with riot are going to Max.

Plus the children's hospital they usually film at was sold---so I doubt they are ever going back to Litchfield.

-I'm sure it will be longer than 3 days...going by an interview by Jenji-she said that at the end of season 5-we are at month 10 of Piper's 18 month sentence. So if she does get out at the end of the season 6...itvwould have covered several months. Unless Piper's released early. But I don't see that happening.

-All I know is that Red and Piper are together...they are in c Block. I do know that Alex and Piper reunite around episode 3-4.

I also know that Lorna is in d block (her cell is D106) there was an interview with a new inmate (don't recall her name) but she said that she did most of her scenes with Nicky and Lorna. So it's to be assumed that Nicky is in d block as well.

This is all speculation---so take what I've said with a grain of salt.

-Vee is dead

-Not sure if Flaritza are reunited or not. I do know Flaca will be in season 6---Not so sure about Maritza (as her actress had a leading roll in another show) although so many people like I'm sure they will find a way to reunite them eventually.
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