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• 4/8/2018

Season 6

I wanna to know your thoughts about things like:
-What is going to happen to Taystee? (her sentence and the consequences of the riot)
-Are the writters going to kill one of the 10 inmates? (this is based on comments that Natasha Lyonne and Danielle Brooks said in a interview about the future of his characters when the guards discover their hidden and explote the doors)
-Will we see the wedding of Alex and Piper?
-After being transferred to another prison, the inmates will return to Litchfield?
-Will justice be done for Poussey?
-Caputo, Natalie, Linda and some guards (like Luscheck) will help the inmates to will help prisoners to achieve better living conditions and to make a change in the hiring policies on prisons?
-What will happen with Doggett and Chang?
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• 4/16/2018
This hiatus has been painfully longer than previous years. These types of questions are a great way to pass time. So let's get started

1.) No idea if Taystee (or any of the others) will have their sentence extended because of the riot. Although I'm assuming a good chunk of season 6 will take place on the court room. So it'll be interesting to see that. I'm pretty sure Taystee is going to hate herself for having met all their demands except one. I bet she's going to spend a part of the season in a depressed state because now they get nothing and they are in a different stricter max security prison and there hasn't been any justice for Poussey.

2.) Since the majority of the inmates in the bunker are the most popular characters...I'm assuming they wouldn't kill anyone in the bunker (not so soon after Poussey).

3.) Piper and Alex are my I'm 100% rooting for them to be married in this next season. Here are some other reasons why I think it could happen a.) Piper's release is coming...(my guess is the end of season 6) this new prison may have stricter rules than Litchfield about felons visiting inmates. If they are married exceptions may be made. b.) This is probably not going to happen but if questions are brought up about the dead guard...they wouldn't be able to make Piper testify against her (of course it may not make a difference because other inmates know about it)

If there is no wedding this season than I would settle for a scene where Piper introduces Alex to her family. Alex meeting Carol will be comedic gold. And maybe a flashback of Piper meeting Alex's mom.

4.) I'm thinking MCC will relinquish control of Litchfield back to federal bureau of prisons. Litchfield will more than likely be closed for good (as was the original plan before MCC took over)

I'm not sure if they are in Litchfield max or a whole new prison.

5.) Sadly it doesn't look as if there will be any justice for Poussey. But in all actuality it was a mistake. Bailey has tried to take responsibility for it but no one will take him seriously.

6.) I doubt they will get better living conditions. No matter what Caputo or any others do. If anything I think things will be even worse In this new prison. I'm also extremely excited to see what's going to happen to Linda.

7.) I hate Pensatucky's storyline with Donuts. He looked really uncomfortable with her in his house and they've been trying to redeem his character for 2 seasons now so I doubt he will try to attack/rape her again. He'll probably report her and she'll be picked up.

Just for some comic relief I hope we have random scenes throughout the season of Chang hanging out in the background of certain scenes.

Some more things I hope to see

8.) Suzanne going to psyche so we can see Lolly again.
9.) The monster formally known as Maria gets what's coming to her. I hope Piper pops her one good. And if she doesn't...than I hope Gloria does.
10.) I'd like to see Nicky and Lorna be reunited but after the way last season seems Vince is committed and Lorna is going get what she's always wanted. A loving husband and now a baby. So if anything...I want to see Nicky happy. Even if it's with someone else.
• 4/23/2018
I really like that at leats one person has responded and help me pass the time, your theories are very interesting and I will share mine.

1)I think that not only Taystee will be prosecuted, I think that the others inmates will be too but they will concentrate on her because she was the face of the riot, the negotiator. And I'm pretty sure that they will large her sentence and she’ll don’t care because she have nothing to lose.
2)I’m agree with you in this
3) I want to think that we will see this moment, but now there are rumors that say the story will be told from two different prisons, so there's a possibility that Vauseman will split and everybody knows it would be a risky move and will not gonna end well. Thinking about your awser, I don’t think that Piper will be realese soon because maybe she'll get a few extra months to burn those cheetos hahaha, and I don’t think that Alex will be accused from the death of the guard because she never said the name to the other inmates besides Piper convinced her to let it go and move on
4)I’m pretty sure that MCC will want their money back, and an empty prison it’s not the best way to make this money.
5) I imagine that in the trial of Taystee, some truths will come to light and the actions that caused the riot too. So I hope that they will make justice for Poussey
6) Pretty sure that Caputo will help them, Natalie maybe if Joe convinces her, the guards I'm not sure because they saw what it is to be an inmate but they were tortured by other inmates so I do not know what their position will be
7)I’m agree with you in this, I wanna to see Chang’s random scenes

If you have questions like this, please let me know so we can have fun while the trailer arrives
• 4/23/2018
I have no life and spend a lot of time on chat boards/ SM and the wait this year is killing me (more so than usual). So I would love to have discussions about what we think is going to happen. After all that's half the fun of waiting for the new season. It's also really funny when the new season does come out and you realize how wrong you and everyone else were with your speculations.

1.) I am certain a good portion of this season takes place in the court room. Numerous casting calls confirm this. So those held hostage during the riot may very well testify and name the inmates who were the leaders. So Taystee and her gang, Zirconia, the meth heads, maybe Maria and maybe Piper (I doubt it) may all be in danger of extra time on their sentence.

3.) The two prisons theory may be a valid theory. But I'm's the same prison...just a different cell block. Again...the casting calls I saw only mentioned cell block C and D. I think Vauseman will be separated for at least the beginning of the season because Alex will have been taken to medical for her arm. I think they will be reunited early in the season (fingers crossed)

The reason I think Piper maybe released soon is because Taylor kind of spoiled it/implied it on a recent interview. It would kind of make sense if she were to get out at the end of season 6, because season 7 is probably going to be the last. They are probably going to show how she relates to her friends and family. We all know how she is with a cause-so she's probably going to become a prisoner's rights advocate (like real Piper) and maybe write a book.

4.) I don't know what's going to happen with MCC and Litchfield. One things for sure, Litchfield as we know it, is not going to ever be the same prison. And I doubt they would allow the inmates back there to a minimum security prison.

5.) You're right, the cause of the riot and the injustice of her friends murder will be discussed at the trial.

6.) I think Caputo will try his best (as he always does) to be the voice of reason during the trial and he'll definitely help where he can-but it always seems like his efforts are futile. Fig doesn't seem like the type to care, but her perspective as a former assistant warden may be useful. I think you are right the other guards held captive will probably not be very helpful- especially Dixon who was so sodomized and maybe McCullough who was right next to Humps when he was shot. Linda (if she's not still lost in the system) may be a big help. It was really funny how she was complaining about how the uniforms were hot and scratchy and how the food didn't look like it did in the picture.

7.) I do hope we haven't seen the last of Chang.

Sorry to ramble on and on. I could go on and on especially about Piper (my fave character)

P.S Where's the release date? The teaser? In case you haven't noticed. I'm the most impatient person
• 4/24/2018
Don't worry I am desperate for the trailer too, and this is the best way to calm down the excitement. Regrettably I don't have more questions or theories, so if you have one it would be great to know and in that way we can keep our minds occupied until the trailer arrives
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