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• 3/26/2018

What will happen in season 6?

I'm really desperate about this season, and I want you to help me to fill in some holes with some theories. For example, is Jenji (the creator) going to separate the 10 inmates? (this is my theory) I don't think so, because she said that the separation of the inmates on buses will be used to cut characters, and if she separate the 10 inmates it will not look good, because that little group it's important, besides she would have to show us the different things that happen in both prisons at the same time, and honestly that would not be easy and the series will waste a lot of time trying to explain what is happening. So I think that Jenji will put the 10 inmates together in one prison, and she may put inmates like Lorna, Watson and Abdullah in said prision.

I wanna to know your theories about things like:
-What is going to happen to Taystee? (her sentence and the consequences of the riot)
-Are the writters going to kill one of the 10 inmates? (this is based on comments that Natasha Lyonne and Danielle Brooks said in a interview about the future of his characters when the guards discover their hidden and explote the doors)
-Will we see the wedding of Alex and Piper?
-After being transferred to another prison, the inmates will return to Litchfield?
-Will justice be done for Poussey?
-Caputo, Natalie, Linda and some guards (like Luscheck) will help the inmates to will help prisoners to achieve better living conditions and to make a change in the hiring policies on prisons?
-What will happen with Doggett and Chang?

I know that are a lot of questions but I think that would be really fun to create theories to kill the stress while we wait for the trailer to be released. I hope you can help me.
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