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• 3/12/2018

Alex n piper

I love how strong their love for one anther is they have a unbreakable bond they have a hate love thing goin on n no matter what they always stay by each other side n go thru good n bad together. Everyone could learn something from them.
Alex n piper r my favs
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• 5/25/2018
They have remarkable chemistry, but both are also professional actors, so know how to play the characters very well. I’m amazed at just how professionally trained and experienced the entire cast is! I think this draws us all in so much. Look at Piper—the Grad student who dropped out to pursue her goals—when they interview her about the sexy scenes, she always refers to them as “when working”, or “when I’m ar work”, making it clear that she is playing a role and is speaking for that character, not her private life or feelings. It’s kind of cool to imagine being a character, then stepping away from that role. The actors are good at it. Also, Alex and Piper don’t behave arrogantly like some of the other actors, probably because they are appreciative of fans and their cast members, and are themselves pretty squared away.
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