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• 9/24/2017

Who is your favorite ? Inmate/CO

My favorite CO is the red haired lady, idk her name but I think she was O’Neil’s wife. Inmate ... to many
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• 9/24/2017
Basically, I'm a feminist so I'm sided with the inmates for sure, but this doesn't prevent me from having a fave. So I guess I liked CO Bailey and used to like CO Benette. And regrading the inmates, I adore Red's family ( Red, Alex, piper, Nicky, big boo, Jeana, Lorna) I hope I didn't forget any member, and I also like the Latinas, they're so cute and funny.
• 9/29/2017
maritza and flaca 😍
• 10/17/2017
I will go for Mendez...but Red's family is the best...I used to like Taystee and her crew but when Poussey died... Its all gone.
• 10/22/2017
I love both Nicky and Natasha
• 1/6/2018
Mine is alex n piper
• 1/15/2018
Same ,love both Nicky and Natasha ,there hysterical
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