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• 9/10/2017

Suzan "crazy eyes"

As we can see, from the first season of oitnb, she seemed so comfortable in prison.
I wonder how was her first day in prison. Did she panicked the way she did in season 5 over her pills? How she said her goodbyes to her parents and all that.

I would like to see her in her first day in prison. What do you guys think?
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• 9/15/2017
I would like to see that too, but who knows maybe Taystee was the first to meet her and actually 'watch' over her as in season 5 Cindy didn't really know how to handle Crazy eyes when she didn't take her pills.
• 5/25/2018
They do need to do more backstory on that one. We only saw the kid fall off the fire escape, so must assume that’s why she’s in prison. If she remains a main character, we might learn more. I think zPiper and Alex will get a lot of attention during the first episodes, maybe getting along, maybe not!
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