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Vauseman is my otp
• 9/3/2017

What's going to happen to Piper

As we all know Piper was in the bunker with the rest of the main characters in the S5 finale, but pipers sentence must be coming to an end as her sentence can't last forever
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Vauseman is my otp
• 9/15/2017
It'll probably be held back due to the riot and stuff but who knows
• 9/16/2017
I think the adminstarstion of Litchfiled would think of the inmates time in prison and all that, since Angie and her friend burned all the records. Also, it is impossible that the staff would remember Piper's sentence. So as for the next season I think the staff will be busy with the issue of location and to punish whoever took a major part in the riot, and Capotu knows well that there are innocent ones.
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