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• 8/11/2017

Expectations of Season 6

Here is what I am expecting in Season 6:

Frieda and the others are going to be transported out of the prison and put on to the buses. The buses will go to either the same or different prisons and there will be cuts to both of the prisons. However confusing this may be I believe this is what will happen.

As for flashbacks I think at least one of the following will get them:
-Lorna Muccio
-Anita DeMarco
-Maureen Kukudio
-Stephanie Hapakuka
-Alana Dwight
-Ouija Aziza
-Lourdes (Got a feeling)
-One of the supremacists (Brandy, Digori, Helen, Sankey)
-Angie Rice
-Vince Muccio?
-Gina Murphy
-Brook Soso
-Alison Abdullah
-Carrie Black

Somehow it will be resolved and all will be back at Litchfield :)
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• 9/1/2017
I'm just passed READY for Season Six. I don't care who comes back just being it on!!
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